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The LUMS Learning Institute (LLI) supports and champions teaching and learning excellence, fostered through a range of activities and engages stakeholder groups (students, individual faculty and departments) in conversations about teaching and learning through four inter-connected programmes. Our programmess are co-lead by LUMS faculty and student partners to reflect both the current needs, and the future development and aspirations of the LUMS teaching and learning community.

The LLI’s core mandate is to strengthen teaching and learning communities, cultures and practices at LUMS university.

Faculty Development

Supporting evidence-based pedagogical practice and capacity building

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Pedagogical Partnerships

Support teaching & research excellence with students as collaborators 

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Online LUMSx Platform

A university-wide initiative for creating blended & online learning experiences

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Research Initiatives

Leading research that informs our work in supporting evidence-based pedagogy

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Faculty Development
Pedagogical Partnerships

LUMSx Online Platform

LUMSx is a university-wide initiative to enable faculty to create online and blended learning experiences which will transform teaching and learning at the LUMS, and beyond. This programme offers instructional design, pedagogical and technological support to faculty in order to assist them in their technology-driven learning initiatives. Additionally, LUMSx aims at improving teaching and learning via online platforms by enabling faculty to conduct research through experimental design and longitudinal studies on online pedagogies and students’ learning behavior in online settings. 

Faculty Development Program

The faculty development programme currently has 3 main focus areas. To date, the 3-day Instructional Skills Training (IST) workshop is one of the most popular teaching development opportunites at the LI. 

The blended Teaching Experimentation course provides an extended opportunity for teachers to practice and develop their lesson design and instructional skills in courses currently in session.  The 2-day course design seminar offers teachers the opoprtnity to design or redesign courses. Teachers work on developing course syllabi, attend short workshop sessions, and receive feedback from peers in small groups.  

Student and Faculty Pedagogical Partnership Programme

The student-faculty pedagogical partnership programme aims to introduce new opportunities for students and faculty to work in partnerships on pedagogical initiatives, while also supporting existing partnerships across LUMS. The goal is to support teaching, learning and research excellence with students as collaborators and active contributors.

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If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Dr. Suleman Shahid or Dr. Launa Gauthier.

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