Guide For Online Lectures Using Zoom

By Dr. Hassan Jaleel

Synchronous Lectures

  • Online lectures via Zoom/Google hangouts/Skype etc.
  • Pros: Interactive sessions
  • Cons: Requires access to high bandwidth internet connection

Asynchronous Lectures

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  • Record lectures offline and upload on LMS
  • Pros: Does not require high bandwidth internet
  • Cons: Lacks active interaction with students during lecture

Synchronous + Asynchronous Lectures

  • Deliver online lectures via Zoom/Google hangouts/Skype etc
  • Record these online sessions
  • Upload the recorded lectures on LMS
  • Interactive lectures with the students who can join online
  • Students without access to high bandwidth internet can watch recorded lectures

Quick Guide to Zoom

  • Download the desktop app from the link and install it. Zoom can also be installed on cell phones and tablets.
  • Create a free account using your LUMS email address.
  • Sign in using your account. You will see the following window

Meeting Setup

Meetings can be scheduled in advance

  • Click on Schedule tab
  • Fill in the details regarding the start time and
    • meeting duration. For Meeting ID you can
    • select Generate Automatically or
    • Personal Meeting ID. The Meeting ID is important
    • as it enables other participants to join in the meeting.
  • Press Schedule tab at the bottom once all
    • the required information is provided

Meeting Setup
  • Once a meeting is setup, you can click on the Meeting tab at the top to see your scheduled meetings
  • To send an invitation to others one easy easy way is to click on Copy Invitation
  • You can send the invitation to your students through an email via LMS
  • The announcement contains zoom meeting link as well as the Meeting ID

Zoom Meeting
  • The meeting window looks like this
  • Each participant can
    • Mute/Unmute personal audio
    • Start/Stop personal video
    • Raise hand to ask question
    • Share screen

Screen Sharing
  • Each participant can share personal screen via Share Screen.
  • Share screen provides various options
  • You can either share your screen or a particular application running on your system.
  • There is a white board option as well for scribbling
  • These options are useful for quickly switching between different applications like power point/pdf and some software like MATLAB for live demonstration.

Meeting Recording
  • The host can also record the meeting
  • Click on the more tab at the bottom
  • There is an option to Record on this computer
  • Once recording starts, everyone can see it on the top left corner of the window

Meeting Recording
  • Once recording stops and the meeting ends, Zoom formats the video and compresses it.
  • The resulting video is saved in the \Documents\Zoom
  • You can change the settings of video recording from Settings/Recordings

Synchronous + Asynchronous Lectures
  • Deliver online lecture by scheduling a meeting on Zoom.
  • Use screen sharing options for the slides or live demonstration.
  • Use white board for short notes and scribbling using mouse.
  • If you have a tablet with stylus, you can write comprehensive notes using white board or any other writing app
  • Record the live lecture
  • Upload the lecture on LMS or youtube for students who did not have access to high bandwidth internet.

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